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                                                      Human Resources

Before the Great Recession, HR professionals had two standard avenues for sourcing employees. Temporary employees were there to meet short-term needs. Direct-hires were made when filling permanent positions in the organization. To get through the last few years, employers and employees alike, have all redefined the rules. Those candidates who were having difficulty finding permanent work were happy to commit to temporary employment.

Today, in the dawn of a recovering economy, it’s becoming advantageous to revisit old working models. According to the Career Builder 2015 U.S. Job Forecast, “Thirty-six percent of employers plan to increase full-time, permanent headcount in 2015, a significant jump from 24 percent last year when employers were more hesitant to expand their workforce.” As a result, fewer direct-hire candidates are willing or need to accept long-term temporary employment. It is becoming imperative that employers consider candidates with less traditional backgrounds who may bring other intangible resources to an organization and fully commit to the duration of an assignment.

Quality candidates are in demand right now. Make an appointment to speak with the Presidents of Gainor Staffing to start a conversation to see how your company expectations align with the market trends.