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An agency’s ability to efficiently meet client needs is a huge driver of success, account growth & profitability. Here is one example of how Gainor’s precise approach to resourcing supports this for agency leaders…

“I had our team trying to find “the right type” of brand strategist. But the recruitment team did not understand how to identify that talent. They tried LinkedIn. They tried other recruitment firms. We wasted weeks, energy, money trying to find what was needed. Finally, I was frustrated. I called Gainor, explained what I was looking for, and they found 3 candidates immediately, and one was golden: exactly what we needed. And because she was exactly what we needed, we did not waste any more time interviewing or hiring a candidate that was wrong. And, because she was exactly what we needed, she helped us deliver better work, faster. She improved our margins with her speed and excellent delivery and made us look good in front of the client, which grew that business.”

-Chief Digital Officer, top Marketing Agency