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Referral Program

Rewarding Referrals

Gainor was built on the generosity of people willing to share their networks. We value and reward connections to talented people and growing companies. Our referral rewards include:

Gainor Internal Staff Referrals
(paid after 90 days of employment)

  • $1,000 bonus

Temporary Candidate Referrals
(paid after 80 hours of work)

  • $100 bonus for Receptionists/Customer Service
  • $150 bonus for Administrative/Executive Assistants
  • $200 bonus for Creative talent

Direct Hire Candidate Referrals
(paid after 90 days of employment)

  • $300 bonus for starting salaries under $75,000
  • $500 bonus for starting salaries of $75,000 and over

Client Referrals

  • Temp Referral – $300 on the 1st 100 hours
  • Direct-Hire Referral – $500 on the 1st placement 90 days after start date

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