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Gone are the days when creative thinking was left solely to creative professionals. Companies now understand the key to innovation and growth is fostering an environment of creativity among all employees, no matter the field or industry. To develop this kind of culture in your organization, follow these guidelines.

Make them think about their responsibilities

Once an employee settles into a role, it is all too easy to go through the responsibilities and daily tasks of a position on autopilot. To prevent employees from getting stuck in a routine and to encourage chances for innovation, give them time away from the day-to-day grind to think about the work they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

Reserve time regularly to evaluate your employees’ outlooks.  Bring them together in an environment without the distraction of phones or email and encourage productive conversations. Here your team can brainstorm about how they do their jobs and collaboratively come up with ideas to improve both their own and the company’s efficiency.

Connect them with unlikely co-workers

While like-minded individuals tend to work well together, there is always the danger of creating a feedback loop.  Try pairing up people that aren’t necessarily connected through their work in order to introduce outside perspectives and new points of view.  Different mindsets produce diverse viewpoints that can lead to successful collaborations between projects and departments.

Not only does this provoke creativity and encourage innovative thinking, but it can develop a team-oriented culture beyond departmental lines. By supporting new collaborations, everyone is able to work together toward the common goal of bettering the company.

Show them their ideas matter

If you encourage your employees to be creative but never explore their ideas, it’s likely there won’t be any noticeable changes in your company. Give them the ability to implement their ideas and assess the results. This way they know they’ll not only be taken seriously, but they’ll have the confidence to continue developing new ideas and approaches.

It is also key for proper framework to be in place so ideas are implemented in a timely manner.  If employee proposals are consistently backlogged with little movement, it can make your team feel forgotten or led on. With a plan for implementation in place, they’ll know you believe in them, boosting their trust in you as an employer.

Find the creative employees you need

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