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Digital Media Search

As agencies, brands, tech and eCommerce companies work to achieve measurable results on digital campaigns, the competition for exceptional talent has become fierce. Companies looking to attract top digital marketers need a strategy for identifying, attracting and securing the best.

Based on our extensive work on these searches, here are 6 measures that have proven to deliver results:

  1. Write a well thought out job descriptionLay out the scope of the position, the structure of the digital group. Define the required technical skill sets and software experience. Have an expert familiar with these job descriptions ensure yours stands out.
  2. Lay out a clear path for growthClearly articulate the expectations of the role within the first 6 month, year and 3 years. Define the criteria for success and promotion.
  3. Demonstrate that you take digital seriously – Describe the role that digital plays in your organization. Articulate what digital initiatives are operational, in the works and planned for the future.
  4. Strengthen your candidate pipeline – Digital candidates are picky and hard to find. Companies should use every resource available to have a strong selection of qualified candidates from which you can choose.
  5. Prepare to move quicklySet aside blocks of time for decision makers to interview and lay out a clear decision making process. You don’t want to lose candidates due to slow process.
  6. Offer performance-based compensation – Digital marketing results are often highly measurable and directly attributed to revenue. Compensation should be structured to allow candidates to participate in the success of their efforts.

Working through your digital talent acquisition strategy? Email Digital Account Director Aaron Menkin to arrange a consultative call.