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Filling an open position is a delicate balance between taking the time to find the right candidate without prolonging the process for months. Too often this balance isn’t maintained in a company’s search to find the best and, as a result, your company is losing more than you can imagine.

Here’s how being slow can hurt your company

The longer you take to make a decision, the more likely it is your top choices and most in-demand candidates will accept another offer. Now you’re left with a lower-quality hire who may continue to cost your company for years due to their slow performance. Plus, every day a position sits open is a day your revenues can slide, and productivity can be stretched thin across the team filling in the gaps.

If you do manage to keep your top candidate, you might end up paying a higher salary because of the offers they received in the time it took for you to make a decision.

If a candidate is frustrated waiting to hear back from you, it’s likely they will complain about it to friends and family. These comments become the sparks that make others less inclined to apply to your company. Glassdoor reviews can discourage other candidates further and you likely won’t be considered for any ‘best places to work’ awards, causing your brand image to plummet.

Speeding up the process

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make the process faster to help save you time and ensure you’re getting the best in the future. The first step is to decide on what you’re actually looking for, including the job requirements, what do you absolutely need, what would be good to have, important qualities, etc. Having a handle on what you’re looking for will make it easier to select a candidate.

The goal is to maintain diligence without slowing down. To remain competitive as an employer, you have to keep in mind the market around you. Set your requirements and stick to them, so when filling critical positions, you can easily weed out clients you know don’t measure up to what you want.

When you have a process that includes other people in the company, you can go through the vetting process in less time, especially when everyone is on the same page about the type of candidate you want to hire. Better communication also means everyone involved knows when it’s time to actively pursue this candidate vs. deciding if they’re right. This seamless transition can change the goals quickly and lead to a faster decision.

Keep it quick with Gainor Staffing

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