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Finding employees with competitive skill sets can be especially difficult in this fast-moving, candidate driven market. To reduce the chances of losing highly qualified candidates, we have come up with a few tips to optimize the search.

Aligning Skills with Requirements

When searching for talent in a competitive skill set, you must be definitive in exactly what you are looking for. When recruiting and reviewing resumes, it is crucial to look at must-have skills versus skills that are nice to have. This will help you maximize efficiency when aligning which job requirements are essential. Although it may take a long time to find the right person, it is advantageous to invest the time to find exactly the right fit.

Interview Process Methods

To streamline your search, ensure that your interview process is as efficient as possible by moving quickly and providing relevant information. When speaking with candidates, you must remember to sell the job and focus on how it incorporates the candidates’ interests. Always be sure to focus on potential growth paths since this one of the biggest and most desired selling points. Once a candidate is confirmed for an interview, provide them with details, such as if it is a multi-person interview process, so they can properly prepare.

A multi-person interview process is considered a best practice for interview methods. For example, have one employee screen the candidate first, and have another employer that sells the position. Just be sure that all of the employees involved in the interview process are on the same page about all of the details of the job. Miscommunications and discrepancies in details can be detrimental to the search process.


Once a perfect match has been found, talk to the candidate about your company’s selling points. You want to sell the candidate on your company’s culture so that they become eager to potentially work for you. In this market, candidates typically have many employers to choose from. It is your job to leave the candidate hoping that they receive an offer from your company as opposed to a competitor’s.

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