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All companies want to attract the top talent in their market space. But it’s an extremely competitive market for top candidates and candidates are looking at your brand when choosing where to interview.

How can you market your employee experience? Here are some crucial tips on how to effectively brand your company in this market.

Update and design your website and social pages to reflect your culture

Your website and social presence on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook are the first places a candidate is going to go to evaluate a company, so they must be up to date and well designed. On your site, they’ll look at a company’s leadership, history, case studies and look for clues to gain a sense for your culture.

Potential hires are interested in getting a glimpse into what it’s like to work at a company day to day, so have a section specifically addressing culture to show them in a creative way. Profile some of your most successful employees and the paths that they have taken. Use pictures and testimonials on both your site and social pages to allow candidates to make a connection with your employees.

These two sites, here and here , do a great job of highlighting culture within a modern design.

Make sure your online reputation is well developed

Candidates are likely to look up reviews of your company on websites like Glassdoor. It’s beneficial to monitor this and to make sure your Glassdoor reviews reflect your company.  Encourage employees to review your company so that you have the most complete reflection of their experiences for prospective candidates to review.

Make sure your office space reflects your employee population

When a candidate walks into your office to interview, they are evaluating if they can see themselves coming into your office every day and are looking to see if you appear to be on the leading edge of your market.  For example, someone in advertising expects offices to be modern, open concept and have rooms for ideation and collaboration (free snacks might help too!). A candidate in financial services will expect big conference rooms, flat screens broadcasting market trends in a class A building with all of the amenities.

How a Staffing Agency Can Help

A staffing agency can communicate your unique brand to top candidates. Gainor Staffing is happy to help.