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Successful onboarding is key to retaining new hires. New people need to understand their job, make connections with the team, and feel comfortable with the company culture.

Why is onboarding so crucial? Because up to 20 percent of turnover happens in the first 45 days of employment. If employees feel overwhelmed by the job, or unwelcome in the workplace, they may leave. The result? A costly and time-consuming search for a replacement.

Here are some tips on setting up new hires for success right away.

Communicate expectations for the job and development plans.

Give candidates a sense there’s a plan for their development. Employees are more likely to be satisfied with their job if they feel there are opportunities to grow and develop within the company. Roll out that plan in a structured way in the first week.

Clearly communicate company culture.

All companies have a culture — a set of often-unwritten rules about how things are done – from when it’s okay to get to work to acceptable standards on vacation time. In some companies, the day starts on a flexible schedule. In others, “never be late” is a watchword. In some companies, employees can take vacation any time. In others, certain seasons are very busy and full coverage is needed.

Let new employees know what time people get in every day and when they leave. Give them instruction on how to properly request time off or vacation time, along with the relevant forms as part of their onboarding package. Let them know if there are things they can do to get “extra credit.”

Set up meetings with co-workers.

Don’t rely on new hires automatically meeting the people they will be working with throughout the company. Set up meetings with co-workers they will be working with most frequently. It’s also a good idea to set up lunch with the most immediate team as well.
The meetings can be informal and can be conducted as part of a tour of the building.

Assign new employees a mentor.

Mentorship is a proven method to ensure success in a new environment. A mentor gives a new hire someone to discuss their job, the unwritten rules, pathways for success and more. It provides an introduction to the job, its potential and its culture.

Setting up a lunch or other meeting with the mentor is a good idea.

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