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Millennials have earned a reputation as a generation of job-hoppers, bouncing around from one employer to the next. While this reputation may not accurately describe every member of the millennial generation, it does have roots in data. According to Gallup, 60 percent of employed millennials are open to new job opportunities, and more than 21 percent have changed jobs in the last year – a rate three times higher than older generations. Further, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that the median tenure for working millennials is just 1.7 years per employer.

Building a diverse, talented team is critical for long-term success, but many leaders struggle to establish a long-standing team due to turnover among younger workers. If you’re ready to start investing in your talent pipeline, use these strategies to hire and retain millennial talent.

Focus On Goal Alignment In the Hiring Process

Employers must remember that millennials are focused on growth opportunities. During the hiring process, always ask candidates their expectations for the job and their five-year goals. Use that information to determine whether your company provides development opportunities that will meet their expectations.

Be upfront about opportunities for growth within your organization and understand that without growth, it might be difficult to attract and retain millennial workers. The more closely you can align expectations, the better chance you have of retaining that talent.

Sell the Work Life Balance

Millennials are caught in the middle of a time of immense change.  They are acted upon by the forces of the job market, social media, and daily obligations constantly.  They are all seeking what they consider to be the perfect balance- a work hard play hard lifestyle that is fulfilling to their career aspirations but allows them to live life in a way that feels free.  Let your millennial candidates know the ways in which your company allows for life outside of the office while showing them that the time they will put in for your company is worthwhile.

Include Them in the Larger Goal

It is crucial that millennials feel that their efforts contribute to the larger goal of the company. While it is necessary to speak about small details of job responsibilities, it is beneficial to show employees how those responsibilities affect the bigger goals and larger picture. By speaking about their contribution to the company, you give employees a sense of purpose and meaningfulness to their job. These practices will also lead to employees taking a greater pride and care in their work. Once an employee, including millennials, feel a sense of investment in their work, it is more likely to keep them for a longer period of time.

Provide Ongoing Feedback

Millennials soak up feedback like sponges. They are used to receiving constant feedback from parents and teachers, and it has become their mechanism for gauging progress and success. Millennials know that feedback will provide them with the data they need to make those valuable contributions. Companies that are willing to provide extra feedback to younger talent will have a much easier time retaining those employees.

In addition, it can be extremely beneficial to remind employees to take a quick break in the middle of the day. A quick walk for some air or a moment to decompress can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing burnout.

Ready to Hire and Retain Millennials?

If you are looking to add millennial talent to your bench, contact the expert recruiting team at Gainor Staffing today. We will develop custom strategies to connect you with impactful talent who will drive your business into the future.