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If you’re the owner or hiring manager of a boutique firm or professional services company, you may be looking to hire a digital marketing manager, and you’re certainly not alone. 90 percent of all marketing departments hire at least one person to focus solely on their digital marketing strategies.

The digital marketing manager’s main responsibilities are creating, implementing and managing your company’s online and social media presence. They develop campaigns for brand awareness and are responsible for enhancing website traffic, in order to drive sales leads and entice new customers.

Similar to any job, there are certain qualities that effective digital marketing managers need to have. Here are some key ones to look for.

They need to know the appropriate KPIs and how to measure them

 An effective digital marketing campaign is designed to measure key performance indicators (KPIs), which are often arrived at in tandem with upper marketing management or the heads of the company. KPIs can vary, according to the marketing strategy, but a skilled digital marketing manager will check the analytics frequently. KPIs are the key measurements to see if the marketing methods and campaign is working.

Your company may post a weekly blog or send out marketing emails as part of their marketing strategy.  This type of marketing frequently ends with a call to action (CTA) for the potential client or consumer to complete.  For example, the e-mail may urge the viewer to download more information via a clickable link, or the user may need to sign up for a mailing list in order to read the entire blog. Both of these are examples of a CTA, which help the company measure their conversion rate.

The conversion rate will show the company how many people viewed their content, and out of those, how many people contributed information that could become a potential new client or consumer. The information that was gathered such as e-mails can be used to generate mailing lists and sales leads.

They have great SEO knowledge

 Search engine optimization (SEO), in its simplest terms,  ensures a company appears  when people search using keywords relevant to your product or services.

Whether your company provides in-depth profiles of Generation Z for media companies or sofa cushions for interior decorating, you need your website to show up when someone searches for the products or services.

However, you not only want to show up, you want to be on the first page. Why? Because more than 90 percent of Google searchers don’t go beyond the first page.

Every piece of marketing needs to be crafted with SEO strategies in mind.

They are creative

Digital marketing managers need to be creative. They plan online campaigns that get your message in front of interested people. They craft social media campaigns to get various audiences excited about — and involved with — your brand. In order to accomplish all of these tasks effectively, the digital marketing manager must be able to come up with out of the box ideas. The content that they will push to market your company is most impactful when it is different and stands out amongst the rest of the ads on social media. Their creative nature will help them create unique, interactive strategies and content to engage new clients or consumers with your company.

Some companies hire writers and designers separately to execute the plans the digital marketing manager produces. Other times, digital marketing managers are skilled writers and designers themselves.

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