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Have you had difficulty finding staff to handle work for temporary assignments? Does it seem that most candidates desire permanent assignments instead?

With temporary placements as one of our specialties, this article offers some insight on where and who to look for to fulfill these temporary employment needs.

Look for People Who Want Temporary Assignments

Many people want temporary assignments by choice, especially in places like New York City. Due to the wide range of opportunities for people in creative fields, many large cities are full of skilled candidates who may be in between jobs.

For example, many actors and singers don’t necessarily work as actors and singers all year round. Broadway shows close, touring engagements end, rock bands and other musical groups have breaks.

This leaves talented people in need of work in order to pay their bills before their next gig starts. Many creatives have specifically developed skills in administrative work for this exact reason, making them excellent and dedicated temporary employees.

It’s something of a cliché that in New York or Los Angeles, your restaurant server could be an aspiring actor. Well, it’s no different with administrative work.

Sometimes companies want to make a temporary arrangement permanent. What happens then? Well, many creative people would love semi-permanent employment as long as they have the option to take an acting or singing role if one comes along.

How Do You Fill Temporary Assignments With People Who Want One?

Simple. A New York City-based staffing agency, like Gainor, will do all the work of finding the right temporary employee for a company. Not only do we have access to a large network of creative people who specialize in administrative work, but we dedicate ourselves to meeting each company’s specific need.

The best fit for your company should be based on the candidate and their skills.

We can help you fill your temporary staffing roles.