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Optimizing your hiring process is crucial in attracting and securing top candidates.

Creating internal alignment is the first step. What if you’ve found what looks to be an ideal candidate and then realize that two of your executives have very different interpretations of what the role is supposed to be?

The delay in decision can result in a great candidate to accept another opportunity.

Master the hiring process by making sure your team is aligned as the process begins. Here’s how.

Set a clear time and process.

Develop a clear timeline and process to gather feedback from the interviewers to decide whether to advance candidates.

Decide on the experience necessary.

Make sure there is agreement on the experience the candidate needs, versus experience that is nice to have, but not absolutely necessary.

Agree on the vision for the position.

What is the company’s vision for the position? What will the new hire be empowered to accomplish once they are onboard?

Plan the interview techniques and interviewer responsibilities

Plan the interview techniques and questions to be used from the start, for each step of the interview process and for each interviewer. These need to be based on the skills and experience required for the job. Make sure these are shared with the entire team.

Clarify interviewer responsibilities.

What skills and experience are each interviewer responsible for vetting?

Establish clear expectations for the team.

Set clear expectations for the work required from each team member and hiring manager. They need to know their roles in the interview process.

Determine the decision process.

Will you be deciding on a candidate after they finish the interview process or after every candidate has completed the interview process?

Create a custom interview step if necessary.

As you’re nearing the end, if there is uncertainty about a candidate, define the specific qualities that still require vetting. At that point, create a custom interview step to vet those areas.

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