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Are you underwhelmed with the quality of job candidates you’re seeing? Your job postings may be the culprit.

It’s very easy for job candidates today to see tons of job postings, via e-mail, mobile alerts, and web sites. If they aren’t drawn in by the posting, or if it’s unclear to them in some way, you’re not going to hear from them at all.

It’s therefore important to write quality job postings that catch the interest of your target market and boost response rates.

Make sure the job title is understandable

An unclear or obscure job title will make candidates scroll past you. Even more seriously, it could mean a qualified person could actually be unaware that they are qualified for the job!

For example, don’t use a job title like Digital Strategist if the job is to write digital branding copy. It should be titled Copywriter, Digital Branding. Digital Strategist could mean something in the IT department. Fine if you want that, not so fine if you’re giving people with writing experience the idea that your job isn’t related to them.

Have an engaging opening paragraph

In many places in the job description, you’ll talk about your department’s needs. The opening paragraph is not one of them. Use something that will be exciting and inviting to the person looking for a job. Remember that the first paragraph should entice them to keep reading!

So try something like “come fly with us to the next level” or “ready to use your wizarding skills?” That engages job seekers looking to move up and ready to be more than ordinary. And it does so much more than “Company XYZ is looking for…”

Clearly separate required and desirable skills

It’s fine to have both a required and desirable set of skills in one job posting. Just don’t make them one long list. Separate what is required and desirable with clear headings.

Why? Well, if you don’t separate and name them clearly, someone with the skills you want most could get discouraged by the long list, and may not have the desirable qualities…so they may end up not applying at all. That’s not what you want.

It may also make the job look like a catchall position. That may discourage talented and ambitious people.

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