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Across the U.S., approximately 51 percent of employees are either actively looking for a job or open to offers if one comes along.

That’s not good news for human resources and hiring managers. It takes time to recruit and train employees who then leave. It will also cost up to 150 percent of their salary.

It’s a good idea to have a sense of who is looking for new employment, so you can have a plan for replacement. Here are five signs an employee may be looking for a new job.

Requests for Days Off

Is an employee suddenly requesting the occasional Wednesday, Thursday or other day off? Requests for time off that’s an unusual pattern and doesn’t seem related to holidays or vacations can be a sign the person needs the time to interview with another employer.

Long Lunches

Remember, interviews can be done at lunchtime as well as days off! If an employee is suddenly taking very long lunches, it may be a sign they are interviewing with a prospective employer.

Declining Productivity

It’s human nature to be less productive and engaged if you have one foot out the door. How can you tell if productivity is declining? One sign is being less responsiveness to requests, whether from team members or customers. Is an employee answering emails in two days rather than two hours? Another sign is lack of engagement in team meetings and conferences. Especially if the person has always been an active team member or conference participant in the past, a sudden pullback could mean they are looking for a new job.

Wearing a Suit

Unless business suits are common at your workplace, an employee coming to work in a suit or notably more formal clothing is a sign they might be interviewing. Even with the rise of business casual and less formal clothing at work, it’s common to still wear a suit to an interview.

Less Interaction With Co-Workers

If an employee has always hung out with co-workers at after-work happy hours or group get-togethers, a change might be a sign of a job hunt. It’s common to withdraw from the at-work social world once it looks like that won’t be the employee’s social world anymore.

These signs can help you determine if an employee is looking for a new job. A staffing agency can help you recruit and plan for new employees. If you need advice or help, get in touch with us today.