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As a manager, you need to focus on getting the job done.

But you also need to focus on your employees’ work/life balance. It’s a necessary part of getting the job done!

Let’s put it this way. Employees who don’t have a good work/life balance will be less productive than those who do. If your employees are working 12-hour days or more, fatigue and stress may cause them to make more mistakes, impair their thinking, and reduce their actual engagement with the job. It can cause absenteeism and illness.

We all need mental and physical breaks. Focus and peak performance simply can’t be sustained without significant breaks from tasks. Ask any athlete or CEO.

Work/life balance means that your employees work when they work, and have time for other activities and responsibilities in time spent not at work. They return to the workplace refreshed by the life part of the equation.

Need more proof? Employees who feel they have a good work/life balance work more than 20% harder than those who don’t, according to a worldwide survey of 50,000 employees.

You can foster work/life balance in three ways.

1. Keep Reasonable Working Hours

While you may appreciate employees working 12-hour days, remember that they are likely more productive if the hours are less. Plan a corporate culture that encourages working while in the office. Work reasonable hours yourself. Highlight time management techniques in the company newsletter, with tips for getting the most done during working hours.

2. Encourage Vacations and Holidays

Employees will be more focused when they return from time off, whether it’s vacation time or paid holidays. Motivate them to take this time. Do not have policies that allow employees to roll over vacation time or be paid for it instead. That sends a message that it’s less valued than work. Do not have a cultural expectation of computer availability during vacation or holiday time. Time off needs to be time off, not time partially on.

3. Develop Sessions on Relaxation Techniques

Work/life balance, focus, and health can all be enhanced by relaxation techniques like yoga or mediation. Enhance employee loyalty by developing sessions on relaxation techniques. These can be taught during a lunch hour or voluntary after-work sessions. Sponsoring these sessions will make it clear that you have a strong corporate commitment to work/life balance while also making sure your employees work at maximum productivity.


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