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Maybe you posted some job openings and received far less response than you did a year ago. Or perhaps you’ve made job offers to great candidates, only to have them decide they aren’t coming on board.

These situations could be a sign that your company’s online reputation is hurting your ability to hire. More than 80 percent of people go online to do research while making decisions, ranging from purchasing a product to getting the best deals. They treat job-searching behavior no differently.

Negative Comments Matter — and Are Easy to Access

It’s incredibly easy for a company’s reputation to be damaged online. Companies today live in a glass house where everyone and anyone can throw a rock if so inclined.

Websites such as Glassdoor, for example, encourage both employees and interviewees to review multiple aspects of a company, from its daily work life to interview techniques. Even one or two negative reviews can give a bad impression that might turn off a great hire.

LinkedIn also offers a convenient way to connect with employees or ex-employees. A prospective interviewee may reach out to get behind-the-scenes information. If what they hear is negative, they may think twice about becoming your employee.

Social media — Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat comments — can also damage your company’s reputation.

Whether the comments concern personalities, strategic direction, personnel issues, or brands, they are out there and easy to find. They don’t even have to be genuinely significant issues. They simply need to have attracted enough attention to be posted.


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