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A candidate’s character — qualities like trustworthiness, accountability and resilience — are incredibly important and difficult to evaluate during the interview process.

So how do you assess a candidate’s character before moving ahead with the final job offer? Here are some proven strategies.

1. Ask Interview Questions to Assess Character

Ask questions such as “when the day is over but your tasks weren’t finished, what do you do?” The answer will give you insight into how responsible the candidate is for completing the tasks assigned. It will also give you information about the degree of accountability the candidate feels for finishing tasks.

Other great interview questions you can ask include, “how is /was your relationship with your boss?”, and “tell me about a time that you had a disagreement with a co-worker, and how did you handle it?”

These questions give great insight into why the individual is looking for a new position, and how they have handled adverse situations at work in the past.

2. Note Character Traits in the Job-Search Process

It’s very likely that the behavior shown during the interview process reflects the behavior the candidate will exhibit on the job. Some questions to ask yourself when reflecting on their interview:

Were they early to the interview?

Did they send thank you notes the day after the interview? How much do the notes reflect specific things that they took away from your conversation?

Did they ask thoughtful questions?

Do you believe the reasons they state for being interested in your company?

Are you comfortable with the reasons that they left their previous positions?

3. Ask References

Finally, be sure to ask references questions such as:

Could they be relied upon to execute actions and tasks completely?

Were they punctual? How did they interact within your team? How did they handle difficult client requests? How do they respond to mistakes?

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