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We all know that summer is the hardest time to shift into high gear at work. With warm weather comes beach brain and plans to catch the next best sunset or backyard BBQ. Creating a work space where productivity thrives is very difficult task. No need to worry, because we’ve got you covered with 4 Techniques that can help beat the summer lull:

Plan a company outing

Look for a way to bring employees together by planning a company-wide outing so that everyone can spend some time unwinding as a group. This will promote camaraderie and give the team something to talk about when they get back to the office.

Take your meetings outside

If you happen to have a park or outdoor space near you, meet with your client or conduct your weekly company meeting outside. Studies have shown that sunlight and vitamin D intake are linked to positive mood changes. Getting some much needed sun can lead to a more enjoyable work experience and productive get-together.

Try the Pomodoro Technique

This original concept breaks up the day into 25 minute intervals with 5 minute breaks in-between. This time management method is based on the belief that mental improvement can be achieved with more frequent breaks. This has also been shown to help with creativity and improved focus!

“Summer Friday’s”

While other countries are enjoying extra time away during the summer months, only about 8 percent of Americans are participants in “Summer Friday’s” or any other summer incentive. Choosing to give your company a half day on Friday’s will not only make you happier, but it will motivate your employees to be more productive throughout the week in order to leave early when Friday afternoon rolls around.


Gainor participates in several of these including Summer Friday’s and employee outings and it really helps to keep your head in the game during these hot summer months. If you feel your company needs a summer energy boost, try one or all of these 4 Techniques. We’d love to hear your thoughts!