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Waiting in line at the DMV or waiting in line at Disneyworld® ?

Waiting  is inevitable in each scenario, but one has made an experience out of it and the other is no different than the local deli or airport security. Unfortunately most NYC buildings and offices offer the same visitor experience. Treated like a number, not a valued guest.

The first impression sets the tone which translates into the impression of the company

Margot Strunin, Managing Director, Gainor First Impressions

Who wants to be treated like cattle and greeted by a disengaged receptionist? As Gainor President, Norma Menkin has seen firsthand, it’s about making an effort and a distinction between security and hospitality. Yes, a security guard can stand at a desk, granting or denying access in a purely transactional fashion. When seen through the lens of hospitality, reception becomes a service  providing an individualized experience to each guest.

Areas of opportunity:

  • Luxury multi-tenant buildings
  • World Headquarters
  • Executive Reception & Conference Center Management

Marketing and advertising are great but a quality lobby staff is a luxury that will attract quality tenants. Global visitors to your headquarters and conference centers will be put at ease by a professional welcome and first class treatment.


First Impressions Title

Since creating a dedicated First Impressions division in 1990, Gainor has developed a comprehensive system to ensure VIP treatment of all guests.

The Solution

  • Our clients get a dedicated manager that nurtures the relationship with Gainor.
  • Gainor manages the logistics and functions to elevate the quality of reception / lobby staff.
  • Gainor collaborates to choose a dress code or select a uniform to create a crisp and professional appearance.
  • Gainor trains all staff on the highest customer service practices, greetings and methods.

Partnering with Gainor First Impressions means your troubles are relieved. Scheduling, training and back up staff are no longer a worry. Gainor gives you VIP treatment so you can give your clients VIP treatment starting at the first point of contact. Whether in the lobby of the building or walking into your suite, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Let’s talk.