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Here are 6 areas, to monitor if you want to keep your A-Team intact.

Employees are unchallenged or over-worked

Companies have found themselves having to ask fewer employees to do more work to stay afloat. Now in the light of the recovery, have you neglected to examine individual workloads of those who pulled you through the rougher times? On the other hand, are all of your employees engaged with their work or in a routine of completing the same unchallenging tasks?

Opportunities for Growth

Employees want to grow and develop their skills, not arbitrarily acquire new titles and desks. If there’s no observable path of career growth, they will begin to look elsewhere.


Not many would be surprised to hear that employees want autonomy. Cultivate a culture of accountability, then employees will take more ownership within the structure. This provides the autonomous environment employees are seeking.

Imbalanced Management

Micromanaging and absentee management are both employee repellents. Many people in management positions met their success through being exceptional at their work. Once in a management role, they become micro managers aiming to ensure others do their old jobs as well as they had done. The flip side of the management coin is the one who spends their days at meetings and on calls, never available for face-to-face interaction leaving employees seeking the warmth of other suns.


No meetings – how do you ensure everyone is on the same page? When you have meetings, is there an agenda? Is there a respect for time? Does the meeting adjourn with action steps or does everyone leave in a circle of confusion?

What’s the big idea?

Clock in, make coffee, push paper, clock out, and repeat. Employees want to know the relevance, contribution and meaning of their work. Focusing on productivity and deliverables gets you through the given project. Knowing the company objectives and even where the company stands financially gives employees a long-term view of their job and their contribution to the whole.

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