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After the end of a work-filled week we all look forward to Fridays. At Gainor, we see Fridays as cause for celebration and a great opportunity to bring the office closer together.

Every Friday we have all hands on deck in our conference room to share exciting weekend plans, successes for the week, and most deliciously, a big platter of sushi. We often make this a national affair, Skype-ing in our LA office.

Building a sense of community is of the utmost importance and Sushi Friday is our chance to do just that. If you are an executive looking to bring the team together, Sushi Fridays could be a fun and easy way. In fact, we invite you to join us for one. So, let us know, what would you order? Comment below… What do we order you ask? Most popularly the 2-sushi roll lunch special, of course! YUM! 😛