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casualdresscode   Do you find yourself in a casual office environment, among coworkers wearing jeans, flip flops, and hoodies? If so, you are faced with the dilemma of putting together an every-day look that is sophisticated and client-appropriate without looking out of place amongst your casually dressed office mates. With these easy to follow styling tricks you’ll find it simple to look professional but still relaxed even in the most casual environments! 1. Choose dark wash jeans – Jeans are often the uniform in many casual offices, so these will be your best friends. For a more refined look, try a pair that is tailored but not skin tight. They should have some room behind the knee. Pair your dark wash jeans with a solid t-shirt and a blazer for a clean and simple look. 2. Add a pop of color and/or texture – Choosing colored heels or accessories, or mixing prints is a great way to incorporate personality into your ensemble. However, avoid incorporating too many colors. Stick to patterns that share overlapping colors, and pieces that fall into the same color scheme. The goal is to make each aspect of your outfit look intentional. 3. Less is more – Keeping your look simple and sophisticated will never steer you wrong. Stay away from clothing or accessories that would be distracting to others. This includes items that are too tight, low cut, or ill fitting. Use your best judgment. If you are doubtful about any item of clothing, it is best to leave it out of your work ensemble. Use some of these guidelines to express yourself. Casual office environments are fun, so have fun with it!