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Upon hiring a new employee, the first impression of how the person is treated is a determining factor as to how well they will succeed. Therefore, it is critical for organizations to have a comprehensive on boarding program. This allows for a more engaged employee who feels a connection to the organization. It also provides for the employee to make an immediate contribution while significantly reducing the acclimation time.

On Boarding

  • Create a New Employee E-mail Announcement, introducing them to the team.
  • Provide company manual and all required paper information to be completed for HR benefits and payroll purposes.
  • Welcome employee. Introduce and orient to work space including computer setup and email.
  •  Introduce personally to co workers.
  •  Pre arrange “First Day Lunch” with manager or mentor.
  •  Give employee instructions on how to use software and computer systems.
  • Set up schedule for job training.
  • Set expectations and goals to succeed at the position.