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Although still in jackets and scarves, the Gainor team is preparing for spring.  We are armed and ready to fight the War on Carbs in pursuit of beach-ready waistlines. As life would have it, carbs are now appearing, ready to attack from every corner.

You take a client out to lunch and there’s the bread basket. It almost feels like it’s calling your name! But as crusty and tempting as it looks, we’ve been fighting the urge! Each time bringing us a tiny bit closer to looking our best once the warm weather approaches.

The last winter holiday is Easter/Passover, which comes loaded with flavors, sugars, and transfats. April even brings 3 birthdays and a wedding anniversary to the Gainor office, complete with empty liquid calories and carbs (of course!) with every clink of the wine glass during our celebratory toasts.

Ugh! What’s a recruiter to do?