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Preparing for an interview involves a number of steps, including developing answers to potential questions and conducting your own research about the company. Looking good with the right answers is important, but having your own questions ready for the employer can elevate your interview.

Showcase your thought process

You spend most of the interview discussing your experience, projects and skills, but these conversations won’t necessarily provide the interviewer with insight into your thought process. When you ask a well-informed question that isn’t a generic filler, you’re likely to show how you think and the value you can provide.

Represent your research

Good questions can do more than show your thought process – they can let the company know you did your research without coming out and saying it. Take time to go through their website, specifically areas related to the position, and write down any questions you find yourself asking. Decide which ones are interview appropriate and bring them up during the allotted time.

Understand exactly what they’re looking for

Asking the right questions can boost your overall candidate ranking, but they also help you decide if it’s the right opportunity. To understand their expectations, ask what you’ll need to accomplish to be successful in the position. This gives you a better idea of what they’re looking for and shows the interviewer you’re carefully considering your options.

Keep your tone casual

Even though it’s your turn to question your interviewer, you never want to take a commanding tone that could imply you’re entitled or putting them on the spot. You have the questions you’d like answered, but you’re still the one being interviewed.

Your goal is for them to want to answer your questions, and this is accomplished by proving yourself throughout the interview. If your responses and demeanor impress them, they’ll want to give you as much information as you require because their goal is to keep you interested.

Edit your questions before the offer

Until you know you have the job, you want to avoid asking questions that could be seen as critical or overconfident. Once you’ve received an offer, you can ask any question you’d like to help you decide whether you should accept. 

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