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Starting off on the right foot with your co-workers and supervisors will do wonders for your career. It’s best to begin every new job with a plan for success.

There are several things you can do on your first day to make a lasting impression. Here are four.

Sit down with your supervisor to determine priority projects

Most supervisors make a point to bring new employees up to speed on their top priorities and what to work on. If your supervisor is tied up the first day, stay cool. But if they don’t alert you to priorities, be proactive and ask.

Make a point early on to prioritize your supervisor’s top projects. Touch base so your supervisor knows you are paying attention and understand the key goals and objectives of your position. Be seen as a contributor.

Learn names quickly

In many organizations, you’ll be introduced to the team on day one. It’s a good idea to learn everyone’s name quickly. People appreciate and remember they are individuals to the new person.

Make it a point to remember everyone’s name. This can be challenging if you’re a member of a large team or introduced to many different people. A handy tip? Try to remember one thing about everyone and link it to their name. Tom? Tall guy in IT. Janel? Wearing a jumper two desks over.

If your organization doesn’t introduce you to the team or to nearby people, be proactive. Make yourself known on the first day. Otherwise, it can become awkward to have been sitting within 10 feet of people for two days and not know each other’s name.

Show you’re a team player

One reason to learn names is you want to people to know you’re a team player early on. If your supervisor indicates you’ll be working with the social media coordinator, make it clear you’re here to help.

If she indicates she’d love some help with images, make sure it’s okay with your supervisor, then pitch in with a smile.

Stay calm

It’s easy to get overwhelmed your first day on a new job. There’s a lot to learn, ranging from job-specific tasks to where the lunchroom is. It’s normal to be overwhelmed.

Remember to stay calm. Never indicate you feel overwhelmed or less than fully capable of doing the job. Expect to be successful and competent. It’s the way to get there!

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