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Digital marketing could be a highly appealing career to you if you want to develop social media or other online campaigns. It’s also a highly competitive career! The environment is challenging, exciting and fast-paced.

Luckily, there are a number of steps you can take to advance your career in digital marketing. Many of them are based in your own digital presence.

Read your own digital presence

In today’s world, everyone has a digital presence. Whether you’ve written an online story for your college newspaper, have your resume on LinkedIn or have tons of followers on Facebook, you are in the digital world. Read your digital presence with a critical eye.

Better yet, read it with a marketing eye. What are those Facebook photos saying about you? Remember that employers — especially digital employers — will check out your online presence. Make sure what they see reflects you in a positive light.

Develop a digital presence as a project

Once you’ve checked out your digital presence with a critical eye, it’s time to develop a presence that will say “here’s a potential digital marketer.” Marketing is having a product or service and making sure people know about it and have positive impressions of it. So develop your own presence as if it is a product.

Curate your Facebook and LinkedIn sites until they reflect your savvy marketing yourself. If you have unfocused pictures of high school volleyball games on Facebook, get rid of them. If you led the volleyball team to victory, highlight that. It positions you as a leader and a winner

Polish your digital presence

Once you’ve developed your presence, polish it more. Say you have developed a Facebook site focusing on women’s volleyball and your role leading it. You support other teams, other players and the concepts of women in volleyball and team play.

An important part of digital marketing is extending the message. Once you have a solid Facebook following, can you expand to Instagram? Instagram requires frequent and quality photos with a consistent message. You can spin off Facebook posts with related pictures and quick captions for Instagram. Then, when that digital marketing interview comes up you can give an example of how you extended your personal brand from Facebook to Instagram. The message is you can do the same for a company with their brand.

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