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You’ve prepared for the multitude of questions an interviewer will ask: “Why do you want this job?”   “What would past employers say about you?” “Where do you see yourself in five years?” No problem, you’ve got all the answers ready.

But another vitally important part of the interviewing process are the questions that you ask. Interviewers always ask “Do you have any questions?” Treat this as a time to show how well prepared you are for the interview.

Your questions can be a bridge to highlighting your qualifications. They can also demonstrate that you’ve researched the company — which interviewers love. You can show them how well you’ll fit in at the company. Here are three questions that could help you land your next job!

“I noticed ‘XYZ’ about your company online. Can you tell me more about that?”

Interview prep is crucial. Prior to the interview you should be going onto the company’s website and looking for in-depth information that will help you stand out. Asking specific questions about the company will show that you did your homework, and are seriously invested in understanding their work and their culture.

“What would you consider success for me in my first year on the job? What growth opportunities will open up, assuming I am successful?”

These questions are beloved by hiring managers. Why? Because they show that you are invested in succeeding in the role you are interviewing for, as well as in growing with the company. This also gives the hiring manager an opportunity to describe their short-term and long-term expectations. After hearing their response, you will be able to judge whether you are a good fit for the organization or position.

The second part of this question is incredibly important. It reveals if the organization has a plan for professional growth. This is vital information you need to know before potentially accepting an offer.

“How would you describe your company’s culture?” or “what do you love most about working here?”

You won’t be successful at a company if their culture doesn’t suit you.

Asking questions such as these will give you insight into what makes the company tick and why employees are passionate about going to work. The answers will prepare you to make an informed decision on whether that culture is right for you.

If these questions aren’t enough to give you a full sense of the culture, feel free to request an informal meeting after you have received an offer.

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