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If you are like many prospective employees, you may think a job interview is over once you leave the hiring manager’s office.

Think again. A follow-up such as a thank-you note can give you a better chance at being offered the job.

It’s also a practice managers view favorably. Eighty-seven percent of hiring managers think sending a thank-you note is a nice way to express appreciation for an interview.

A thank-you note can help you get hired in five ways.

1. Recap Your Most Important Qualifications

A thank-you note is a business communication in which you recap the key points of your qualifications for the job. You are essentially trying to close a sale. The product is you. You want the hiring manager to buy the product. If the most important qualifications discussed were social media savvy, hit your expertise in Instagram or Facebook again. Give examples related to, but distinct from, those you discussed in the interview.

2. Highlight Key Points of the Interview

Thank-you notes can help you reiterate successful points of the interview. If the interview stressed the need for teamwork more than the job posting did, for example, the thank-you note is a perfect vehicle to highlight your experience as a team player.

3. Reiterate Your Interest

Hiring managers want motivated and engaged employees. While interest alone won’t land you a job, expertise coupled with enthusiasm might. If this job is right up your alley, or information you gleaned in the interview made you want it even more, let them know in a thank-you note. A hiring manager might be trying to decide between two qualified people. Your interest may the deciding factor.

4. Create a Competitive Advantage

One of the reasons you send a thank-you note is to distinguish yourself from other people considered for the position. If they don’t send thank-you notes and you do, you have just handed yourself a nice competitive advantage. Thank-you notes are often overlooked as part of interview etiquette. They are an important part of it. Especially if you’re neck and neck with another candidate, the thank-you note could put you over the finish line.

5. Put Your Contact Information in a Convenient Place

Your phone number and e-mail might be spread among several departments, or in a file of all interviewees. You want it at the hiring manager’s fingertips when the job offer contact is made! Sending your thank-you note via e-mail is fine, and ensures they have your e-mail address. Include your phone number in the signature. Make sure they have no trouble finding you!


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