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You are being evaluated all the time. Management, clients, customers and more are all mentally taking stock of your performance. The question is, how often do you evaluate yourself?


The option is always there and the task can be easy. Ask yourself a few basic questions.

1)      Who am I? Look at what you have to offer; education, accomplishments, hobbies, skills, strengths, etc. It’s easy to forget all you have to offer because it’s such a part of you but take a moment to ask what you bring to the table.

2)      What do I want? More time with family? Full-time employment? A new house? An opportunity to make a difference? This will inform your next steps.

3)      What is in my way? Do you need to boost your workforce with more employees? Do you need to work closer to home? Do you need 2 more years’ relative experience? As you consider action steps, where are the challenges and obstacles?


When you have identified a few of these key values or needs, the quality of your interviews and work-life will improve greatly. Interviews are no longer an appeal to be chosen by another and performance reviews become a conversation.

January is nearly over and your resolutions are practically a memory. Make a new resolution to keep an evaluation of yourself. If you find a new job is in order, browse our postings at Perhaps we can align you with your next opportunity!