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Studies have shown that first impressions are actually made in about 1/10th of a second. That’s on par with the speed of reflexes which are unconscious and uncontrollable actions. Scientifically speaking, you can purposely affect how a hiring manager views you, giving you more power in your search! Let’s look at some staple items Gainor recruiters feel make a candidate nail their first impressions!



A classic cut blazer works for Men and Women! It’s the easiest way to present a strong structured look and even improve your posture. Try slouching in a blazer. You can’t! If you get to the office and notice a more casual environment, use the blazer as a prop and toss if over your arm.


Accent Pieces

Women – Keep the heels classy, not sassy! It’s a great canvas for personality but there’s a fine line between wearing a shoe and letting the shoe wear you.

Men – The same principle applies to your tie. Share some spark but don’t become your 7th grade science teacher. Aim for structure with a clean stripe or bold solid.



Women – A nice clean accessory like pearls can be used as a classic piece or a contemporary throwback to a vintage era depending on your personality.

Men – A nice watch presents a subtle tone of punctuality while showing style.


Carry your resume and application in a portfolio. Nothing is worse than presenting a folded resume from your purse or as generic as presenting a resume in a file folder. The portfolio organizes everything and gives you a place to hold paper for note taking.