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Building a relationship with your recruiter can be a great way to accelerate your job search. Here are 6 ways that you can help a recruiter help you:

  1. Be Clear: Be open about your career goals and salary expectations so that your recruiter can match you with opportunities that offer what you are looking for. Share your work environment preferences so that they can strive for a cultural fit between you and your company.
  2. Be Honest: Your resume should directly reflect your work experience and should clearly highlight the contributions that you have made to your team, your clients and company. Never lie or exaggerate on paper or in an interview; it will only make your job search more difficult in the end.
  3. Communicate: Have a constant dialogue with your recruiter. Promptly respond to their calls and emails as they are privy to information behind the scenes, that is often time sensitive. This particularly applies for candidates seeking temporary or freelance work as these positions come off the market quickly.
  4. Be Responsible: Always arrive at least 15 minutes early to any interview and always follow with will crafted thank you notes. If you present yourself well, recruiters will have more faith in sending you to their clients.
  5. Be Open: The more opportunities you are open to, the better your chances that your recruiter will have multiple jobs for you to consider.
  6. Build Trust: Like in any relationship, trust is built over time. The more honest you are, the more your recruiter will believe in you as a candidate. Allow your recruiter to earn your trust by delivering on what they promise.

A recruiter can be a fantastic resource. They can provide career advice, compensation guidance, as well as inside information about your target industry or company. Be sure to follow these guidelines to create the most options possible for you in the job market.

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