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Winter is over and at first, the heat was welcomed. That is until the first client meeting of summer. It’s nice and cool in our office as well as our client’s offices, however for the next 3 months; there exists an invisible barrier between us, our business contacts and candidates…

NYC heat

The moment you step into the street, it hits you. It seeps up from subway grates, beams down from the sun and wafts over from the halal trucks. Determined not to let them see you sweat, you toss the heels in your purse or carefully fold your blazer over your arm like a five-star waiter and Frogger® your way across avenues, tourists and strollers all in the name of aligning talent with opportunity. Some days you wonder if more drastic measures may be required. You sit with the scissors in hand, ready to cut the sleeves off your shirt knowing you can throw on a blazer in the elevator. Instead of pearls, maybe strapping on one of those water bottle spray fans could be the hottest new trend. I mean fashion starts here right?

In the end, you figure it’s better to leave a bit early and hail a cab, hoping the A/C works!


The ABC’s of surviving NYC Summer Heat:

Always take extra napkins from restaurants. They can be handy for a quick forehead dab before an interview/meeting.

Be early for meetings. The boredom of sitting in a lobby looking at 6 month old issues of Time Magazine and swiping around on your phone is better than running in as if you’re in the middle of the season finale of The Amazing Race™.

Carry a cool bottle of water. Not to drink, to hold against your face on the subway platform.

Ahhh! Refreshing!